image4-1024x402Copan Ruinas is a municipality in western Honduras, a village located in the valley of copan with an approximate of 8,000 inhabitant in the urban area but almost double including all surrounding rural areas.

This city is most famous for its renowned archaeological vestiges located at just 1 km away which attracts thousands of tourists every year, Most foreigners living here are come back tourists or retired elderly people who have found the peace and tranquility of the valley the perfect combination and a place for a home.

There are a number of retired individuals living here who can attest for the lifestyle they enjoy and perhaps give you the answers you seek, most references about copan ruinas will be of the “delighted” kind, if you have never been here or truly have experienced peace you are going to like it. There isn’t much to do or crazy places to go to or visit, which is a little difficult to get acquainted at first if you are used to the fast paced lifestyle or big urban areas. but that’s what’s attractive about it. No noises or sounds of highways, no noisy landscaping companies working on backyards, just peace.

And if you have heard all the bad news about Honduras and the bombardment of negative news we as copanecos also found ourselves shocked to find out what goes on in the rest of the country, we should be considered another country because none of that stuff happens here, this is another world and you are going to love it.


The people ! most families send their teens to local high school located in Ostuman, and once they have graduated from 12th grade the are sent off to either Santa Rosa de COpan (90km away) or San Pedro Sula 160 km away or Tegucigalpa, this makes the population of locals a small population and only during holidays you will see entire families and get togethers, a lot of the economy relies in commerce, touris related local shops and very little manufacturing, since is a valley a lot of agriculture takes place here but in remote areas such as Ostuman including a small portion of the valley dedicated to this activity. See, maya areas are considered protected areas, so agriculture was forcedly stoped a few decades ago when tobacco was part of the economy,


Many areas that used to be farming grounds or multiuse have slowly become part of the real estate available, as tobacco is banned from being produced there is no profit for land owners, many migrated after the tobacco ban and sons inherited land and a lot or land and lots is available for sale.

Reaching our to potential buyers is now possible using the internet such as this page.